OmegaXL Consumer Study CASTING Notice V4.


Are you between the ages of 45 to 75 and suffering with joint and muscle pain?
Are joint and muscle pain and stiffness preventing you from doing the things you love to do?
Now there’s an All-Natural solution to support your body in its war with pain and stiffness.
By responding to this casting post, you may have a chance to try it FREE for 8 weeks.
Respected US nutritional supplement company is CASTING for 20 Men and Women to
participate in an 8-Week Consumer Study for its powerful, safe and effective, All-Natural
supplement containing a proprietary blend of over 30 fatty acids, including the Omega 3’s, EPA
and DHA.
With sustainably farmed Green Mussels Extract from the pristine Waters of New Zealand, this
one-of-a-kind supplement is 20 times more potent than standard fish oil!
Plus the tiny, easy to swallow soft gels won’t upset your stomach or leave a fishy after-taste!
Backed by 35 years of clinical research, this supplement has been shown to relieve joint pain due
to Overuse, Activity, Exercise & Aging.
If you have moderate joint and muscle pain, are between the ages of 45 to 75, and would like to
participate in this important 8-week Consumer Study, please fill out/download {?} the attached
questionnaire and email it to ___________ with your name and contact information. Your
information will be kept Confidential.
Once you are qualified to participate in the study, you will be asked to record a short digital
video on your phone telling us about yourself, where your body hurts, the source and severity of
your pain, what you cannot do because of the pain, and what you are currently doing to help
relieve it.
You have nothing to lose but your pain and stiffness, and a great deal to gain!
Thank you.
Marcia Waldorf